The Knockwood Difference

Our team is here to bring that knowledge to you – all with our convenient modern investment strategies!


Real Estate Done Right

Meet your elite Real Estate Investment Specialists who bring you over 20 years of combined experience in the business! One of the foundational components of Knockwood is that our team brings diverse backgrounds from many facets of the real estate industry + business. Our well rounded knowledge base helps serve the Smart Investor with experience, skill, plus resources to provide best-in-class service. We provide incredible real estate + business investment opportunities for our company and investor network! Unlocked the key to intelligent investing with Knockwood.

Precision. Execution.

Through analysis and comprehensive due diligence, our team formulates a strategic plan, then executes to reach or exceed investment return goals on every one of our projects.


Local Improvements, Global Change.

Our mission is to improve the communities in which we invest. Every project offers a unique opportunity to improve the community and enhance the life of its residents.

Meet the Team

David Cameron

Founder & CEO

Cody Stein

Transaction Coordinator